Hello Fall!

Picture me tearing a page out of a notebook, crumpling it into a little ball, and making the shot into the wastebasket. Because that is what I just did, so to speak, with the post I started before 6:30 this morning… Why? Because it just felt so philosophical and heading real quick in the direction of whiney. This is my puppy day… a scheduled day … Continue reading Hello Fall!

The Art of Conversation

Below is a post I wrote over a year ago, on June 19, 2019, on the Art of Conversation but never got around to posting.  Today, as I was getting ready to do a post about my summer, I saw there was still a post in draft and read through it.  Here it is a year later and that post is as relevant as ever… … Continue reading The Art of Conversation

Beginning to End

I’ve been promising for weeks. So here it is ~ how I create one of my compositions. Oh Bear…  65 layers +/- in the making! One of my more involved works because all of the elements were taken by me, no stock images, and the birds don’t count because they are actually a brush.  Warning… this also made for a really lengthy post.  Ready, here … Continue reading Beginning to End