Hello Fall!

Picture me tearing a page out of a notebook, crumpling it into a little ball, and making the shot into the wastebasket. Because that is what I just did, so to speak, with the post I started before 6:30 this morning… Why? Because it just felt so philosophical and heading real quick in the direction of whiney.

Runi who is just two days shy of 14 weeks old and Charlie who’s now 10

This is my puppy day… a scheduled day off to stay home with these two goofballs … and a chance to do something I want to do with my time. And what I don’t want to do is dwell on all the things I have no control over. I have control of today, well when the puppy let’s me. But in the few hours in between, today is mine and I want to talk about and share some photography, work on some pieces, and who knows maybe even start new piece. It’s a tall order… so I better get started.

The Harvest House is my homage to fall… Nothing says fall like a cornfield past it’s prime.

I actually thought I had finished this image. I printed it, entered it in photo exhibit, and put it on my website. But even after all that, something was nagging at me. Every time I opened my website and saw this image, all sorts of questions would pop up: Something’s off? What’s missing? And then I would tell myself I was overthinking it (we’ve talked about that) and move on. Then I came across a short (really short… only 90 seconds!) YouTube video called 5 Tips for Photo Compositing . He has some good tips and if you’re thinking about compositing, it’s a good place to start. #5 was the one that really hit a cord. And I knew right then… what The Harvest House was missing, what was off, why I couldn’t let it go. It needed more corn!!! Seriously though and more specifically it felt…flat… like the story just stopped. It was missing a third element to give it more dimension… a more in depth story. I could have taken it in a number of directions, but for this story more corn (and a few birds, which never hurts) was all I needed.

Check out the before and after…

Today, I can say it is done. And that is because since I have made the changes, I have revisited it a number of times and the questions are quiet and I get that little prickly feeling of excitement whenever I see the story on the screen just the way I imagined it.

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