Somebody Else

What seems like so long ago, this blog was created.  It started as part of the learning process, then developed into a journal of where I’d been and where I hoped to go.  I’ve kept up with it on and off… but mostly off… and there seems to be a pattern.

As soon as this pesky little voice in my head starts whispering “you need to”… take more pictures, produce more images, exhibit more, sell more… a wall goes up that keeps me from doing the very thing I want to do.  Sometimes it is a wall called envy, sometimes lack of inspiration, and sometimes it’s a clock reminding me that time is ticking away… and everything stops.

Over this last year and a half, it has been mostly about time… the lack of time… finding time, or just bad timing that has kept me from creating… from here.  So a few months back, I made a promise to myself – the weekend, especially before the sun rises (not hard because my sleep cycle is still on weekday time), is my time!  My time to ponder, to create, to be here… and to leave the to-do-list to somebody else or for another time.








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