Back it up!

Hey there! What a gorgeous November Sunday this turned out to be… 81 and Sunny and far from typical November weather here in eastern PA. I love that fall is hanging on. It is my favorite season after all…

You may have thought by the title that was going to be a post about how you should always back up your files. Not even close; although, I’m sure we all have a story to tell on that topic. No, this is a post about not letting a photo op get away and how sometimes you have to hit the breaks and throw the car in reverse.

All because of those rocks…

Okay, so maybe it was as dramatic as that… I was driving home on some backroads, hoping to capture a beautiful fall scene, an old barn, something… anything. It had been weeks since I got out with my camera and I was really hopeful. But as I continued to drive, that hope quickly started to fade. Even as I peered over the wall of a bridge, as I drove over Tohickon creek, I was not overly impressed. Well, at least at this point I kind of knew where I was (did I mention I could not get my GPS to work on the car display, and wasn’t paying attention to my phone.. good driver, eyes on the road, and all that) and drove on. Then it hit me…The rocks! The rocks in the creek. I stopped right there (of course checking first that no one was behind me, remember, good driver and all that), put the car in reverse, backed the car up the road, and even found a place to back in to park. But, as I stood on the bridge, I still was not overly impressed. I took a few shots and was getting ready to pack it in when the sun started to peek out… and light up those rocks.

Oh I was feeling good after that. I felt I accomplished my goal for the day and was ready to just enjoy the ride home. And then it happened… again. Although, this time I was on a much too windy road to throw the car in reverse. I drove on, and on, looking for a place to turn around, wondering if I should give it up. I mean really, not even a spot to pull a U-ee and now a line in the song by O.A.R., Shattered (Turn the Car around) started playing over and over in my head. Finally, a T in the road, and I also knew exactly where I was. Knowing I wasn’t that far from the main roads home, I decided it was worth it and, yep, I turned the car around. Oh, and I’m so glad I did.

This beautiful bridge was hiding behind the house and the barn that I turned the car around for.

Funny, when I stop looking for things to photograph, so many opportunities find me… or so it seems.

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