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The Christmas decorations are up and the shopping is done…   And now a little free time to catch up here on the blog; my favorite way to spend Sunday mornings.

Although I have not had the camera in my hand as much as I would like in 2018, there has been a pen and paper at the ready to sketch new composite ideas, and tutorials, such as on You Tube and Creative Live, to check out.  And it turns out reading, no, not necessarily photography related material,  but a novel or two; is a great way to work on visualization skills and get those creative ideas flowing.

As part of the never-ending learning process in this photographic journey, it’s finally sinking in that it’s not about the quantity of photos taken or the number of outings/shoots packed into a year…  There has been a steady decline over the last two years or so of photos that I’ve taken with my DSLR and this year even less.  But! There have been more “keepers.”  Because now it is about getting the shot I want – not just snapping away and hoping for the best. It’s being able to visualize the image and compose it in camera; whether it’s a piece to a composite, a landscape, or a portrait.   And this year, those were the images that got more attention than I could have ever imagined!

This too has brought a boost in confidence, especially with the composites, within the photo community and arts community alike.  And I celebrated this ever-developing photo-artistic direction by submitting images for the December issue of Living the Photo Artistic Life! It’s an amazing feeling to have two images among the many photo artists that have inspired me for so long.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday Season and New Year filled with Love, Joy

and Inspiration whatever your passion!





Everything you can imagine…

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Everything you can imagine is real ~ Pablo Picasso.

Making something appear real, feel real… or just believable is, for me, the most difficult part when creating from the imagination.  As a viewer, allowing ourselves to believe in possibilities, despite the reality we live in, is a major part in making any story a success, whether in be artistically, photographically, in books, movies, etc.  For as long as I can remember and to this day, I’ve never doubted those possibilities, which may be why I’m such a fan of stories like Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh, and more modern day stories such as Harry Potter.   And now here I am telling my own stories, unlocking my imagination photographically…  It feels kind of crazy, but how exhilarating!  There is something very captivating in creating from the imagination, it’s self-exploration and breaking boundaries both technically and artistically. I’m hooked!

Sometimes though, as the saying goes, it is easier said than done.  I attempted a series, a concept or a part of the story that resonates in each image.  A big project with the added goal of being ready to submit for the Transformations Exhibit.  I say attempted because only two of the three in the series were accepted.  I’m not surprised.  On this, the third image, I struggled. 


You know the old saying…  So close you can feel it.  Well, that’s where I left it and I knew it when I hit submit.  Even now, looking at it here, and asking… the tree? the owl? the yellow?  So I know if I’m asking those ?’s, probably so are you.  Disappointed?  No.  I’m actually excited about deconstructing it and putting it back together with all the right elements in all the right places, and telling the story just as I imagined.  Will it still be part of the series?  I’m not sure… Something tells me this one has a story all it’s own.

psst…  Check out my Facebook page for more information about the Transformations Exhibition or click HERE.   And STAY TUNED to my blog and/or my Facebook page, as I’ll being sending out another link when the Transformations online gallery is open!


Did someone say…

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Noooooo! Can it really only be only 45 , 44, 43 days away?  You know who will be here before we know it!

By this time last year, I would have stashed away a present or two.  And in less than two weeks the family converges here and me with no menu.  Okay so turkey, I know but that’s about as far as I got.  So much to do and all I can think about are the composites I’m working on, getting out somewhere (anywhere) to take photos, and putting some more time in at the shop (ETSY) for all those earlybird holiday shoppers out there.

Much of this wanting to photograph & create stems from the inspiration that fills up the Facebook groups and Instagram feeds I follow.  But with that, also comes a feeling of falling behind…  {sigh} and now like nothing is getting accomplished  on any front (home, work, or photographically).  This is not a good way to head into such a hectic season.  So I’m nipping this in the butt right now.   It’s time for a real plan…    So here it is: Sunday mornings for blogging (√), at least three evenings set aside for creating,  and at least one, hopefully, two outings a week with camera in hand.   And somewhere in there, we’ll squeeze in some Christmas shopping, holiday baking, and (ugh) the housework…

Here’s wishing your holiday countdown goes smoothly.

You don’t want to miss this!

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©Maria Dreyer-All Rights Reserved



©Maria Dreyer-All Rights Reserved.  One of my very first composites and still a favorite. How can it not be? It’s got all my favorite things… my dogs, Halloween, fall, pumpkins, even a chill in the air.

There is something intriguing and challenging about transforming a photo, whether it’s a conversion to B&W to a full blown composite.

Regardless of how much or how little, the one thing every transformed image has is the creative vision of the person behind the camera.  Not sure if this type of photography is for you?  Well, the Transformations Exhibit is back!  And it is a perfect venue to check out how photographers from all walks and types of photography interpret what a transformation means to them.  I know I cannot wait to see these creative works!


The art of self-promotion

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I don’t think I’ll ever really master it.   It’s still feels a bit awkward… more like being in front of the camera rather than behind it.  But apparently it is what you have to do to get noticed among the social media masses.  So here it goes…

Good news!

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