Many afternoons this past summer were spent watching some very hungry caterpillars devour a parsley plant. Once I got over the fact that I would have no fresh parsley, I found their process is quite amazing. I watched them grow from tiny little specks to full grown caterpillars, encase themselves into a chrysalis that so closely matched their surroundings I often had a hard time … Continue reading PUZZLE PIECES

Rome wasn’t built in a day

… and neither will this composite. Has it really been over a year!?!  After reading my last post (May 2019!) apparently I’m still having issues managing & finding that ever-elusive thing called time.  But is time really to blame?  Or is it just a question of priorities?   It turns out I really miss what this blog provides… a place to share my art and a … Continue reading Rome wasn’t built in a day

Beginning to End

I’ve been promising for weeks. So here it is ~ how I create one of my compositions. Oh Bear…  65 layers +/- in the making! One of my more involved works because all of the elements were taken by me, no stock images, and the birds don’t count because they are actually a brush.  Warning… this also made for a really lengthy post.  Ready, here … Continue reading Beginning to End

The Eleventh Hour

Good Sunday Morning!  It feels good to be spending this cool, sunny last day of September morning enjoying a cup of coffee and rambling on about this hobby of mine. Let’s talk about exhibits?  Do you enter your photography in juried exhibits/competitions?  Why… or… why not? Over the course of this blog, I’ve entered a number of exhibits/competitions.  I’ve been rejected and have won first … Continue reading The Eleventh Hour

You don’t want to miss this!

    There is something intriguing and challenging about transforming a photo, whether it’s a conversion to B&W to a full blown composite. Regardless of how much or how little, the one thing every transformed image has is the creative vision of the person behind the camera.  Not sure if this type of photography is for you?  Well, the Transformations Exhibit is back!  And it is a … Continue reading You don’t want to miss this!