NYC in Springtime


I’m spending today recovering from a day of inspiration overload.   You see, I spent yesterday, the first warm summer-like day of 2018, in NYC.  The day trip, organized by the Doylestown Art league, included The Metropolitan Museum of Art  and the Salmagundi Club, home of the American Watercolor Society’s (AWS) 151st exhibition.   At The Met, the must-sees included the photography of  William Eggleston: Los Alamos and the Public Parks, Private Gardens exhibit.  I’ll leave any “review” of Eggleston’s photos to the “professionals.”  But for me, his approach to photography resonates so close to my own.  The context of the photographs, the retro vibe of the 60’s & 70’s and an amazing use of color using a dye-transfer process combined made it one of the best exhibit’s I’ve seen.  To see some of his images for yourself, check out the museum’s website HERE.   Next was a collection of paintings, sketches, and even a couple photographs celebrating public parks by some of the masters… Monet, Seurat, Renoir, just to name a few.   Add to that the talented artists in the AWS exhibit, and I felt rejuvented… ready  to create!

a little bit of Monet inspired effect added.

And with a little time to spare before heading home, it was time to get outside and enjoy some of this summer-like day.  A friend and I headed to one of NYC’s public parks Washington Square.  With it’s spring flowers and blossoming trees, 









musicians, artists and performers  and visitors from across the globe, it was the perfect way to end the day in NYC.

Psst… I’m working on a post all about camera phone photography.  I believe the best camera is the one you have with you, but so does knowing how to use it to its full potential.   I’ll be sharing some apps and tips.   Just follow my blog and you won’t miss a thing.




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Just coming off one of those crazy busy weekends… a fundraiser event, which reminds me I have not even uploaded those images yet, on Saturday evening and then up and out early to catch a train to NYC on Sunday.  Sunday’s trip to NYC was more about just taking it all in, including an exhibit at the ICP, lunch at Grand Central Station, and my first trip to B&H, i.e. the photographer’s candy store.  I left my big camera and lenses at home… it got a workout the night before and opted to travel light with just my little Panasonic P&S and my camera phone.

leading lines_Grace bldg NYC NYColorclosed please come againThe city was hopping on a perfect spring day and was anything but closed . . .

Stieglitz Steichen Strand


Stieglitz Steichen Strand is currently on exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.  I went to see it yesterday with another member of the DPC.  I’m not sure what I could write about it here that would do it justice; so my advice is that you go see it for yourself.  It’s at the Met until April.  In this time of digital and producing amazing images at lightning speed, it’s important to take a step back in time and remember the time, effort, and even science that the pioneers of photography used to produce amazing images that are still held in the highest regard in today’s world.

Afterwards, and with all that inspiration, we headed into central park with our cameras.  We probably should have worn better snow boots.  The trees were still holding onto the snow from previous days and the contrast was terrific.   If there was a hill, there were people sledding and the colorful sleds, again, against all the white snow added so much interest.  I think my favorite part though was the “tree art” . . . what fun.  What a great Day!