Everything you can imagine…

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Everything you can imagine is real ~ Pablo Picasso.

Making something appear real, feel real… or just believable is, for me, the most difficult part when creating from the imagination.  As a viewer, allowing ourselves to believe in possibilities, despite the reality we live in, is a major part in making any story a success, whether in be artistically, photographically, in books, movies, etc.  For as long as I can remember and to this day, I’ve never doubted those possibilities, which may be why I’m such a fan of stories like Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh, and more modern day stories such as Harry Potter.   And now here I am telling my own stories, unlocking my imagination photographically…  It feels kind of crazy, but how exhilarating!  There is something very captivating in creating from the imagination, it’s self-exploration and breaking boundaries both technically and artistically. I’m hooked!

Sometimes though, as the saying goes, it is easier said than done.  I attempted a series, a concept or a part of the story that resonates in each image.  A big project with the added goal of being ready to submit for the Transformations Exhibit.  I say attempted because only two of the three in the series were accepted.  I’m not surprised.  On this, the third image, I struggled. 


You know the old saying…  So close you can feel it.  Well, that’s where I left it and I knew it when I hit submit.  Even now, looking at it here, and asking… the tree? the owl? the yellow?  So I know if I’m asking those ?’s, probably so are you.  Disappointed?  No.  I’m actually excited about deconstructing it and putting it back together with all the right elements in all the right places, and telling the story just as I imagined.  Will it still be part of the series?  I’m not sure… Something tells me this one has a story all it’s own.

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The art of self-promotion

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I don’t think I’ll ever really master it.   It’s still feels a bit awkward… more like being in front of the camera rather than behind it.  But apparently it is what you have to do to get noticed among the social media masses.  So here it goes…

Good news!

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Chasing Balloons

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Childhood memories…of sorts.  There’s a favorite place I like to go that sits up high (I’m guessing that’s why they call the adjoining neighborhood Highpoint).  From this spot, we would perch ourselves on a fence that surrounded a horse pasture and watch the jets fly from a Navy airbase barely visible in the distance.  I can still feel (and hear) those jets… and the planes just like the ones my dad used to fly and would take us to see when we were little.  The airbase and the jets are gone and so are the horses and the fence we used to sit on.  But if I situate myself just right, the homes that now surround this little patch of field fade away and time rewinds… if only for a moment or at least until one of the dogs pulls on his leash.

Until next time,

It’s going to be a good one…

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…a really good one, and I am very excited.

I don’t enter exhibits as a matter of routine.  In fact, just the thoughts, tugs at an inner insecurity.  But!  They often serve a purpose and when I believe in the organization and the people behind it… it’s a no brainer.  Count me in!  Unfortunately, that does not dampen the anxiety any…  I push it to the final hours of entry, struggling over which images to enter.  In the end, I’ve learned to go with my heart and the images I love… for whatever reason.  And with that said, the Transformations Exhibit entrants have been selected!   Okay, and just as a formality, I should tell you that I had two images selected ~ whoo-hoo!

But! that’s not why I am this excited.  I’m excited… no ecstatic… because this is an exhibit that allows another type of photography to take center stage.  A type of photography that gets snubbed at times against “right out of the camera” images, a type of photography where the photograph is the framework for a story yet to be discovered and where imaginations (the viewer’s as well as the photographer’s) are free to wander and explore.    The images below by Tom Chambers and Ali Majeska are perfect examples. Seriously… how cool are they!  There are also a number of entrants who I have gotten to know and am delighted to call friends, and whose talents and passion for photography I admire immensely… Congrats All!

I have admired  a number of photographers/artists from afar, being inspired by and learning from them and, okay, I’ll admit it… following them at times like some teenage groupie through their social media.  Needless to say, they have had a profound impact on the direction I have taken my photography.  I can thank Cheryl Tarrant of Distressed Textures and Kim Klassen for starting my addiction to textures and how this technique became such a catalyst in the transformations of my images.  And along the way, there have been others… Jamie Heiden, Jai Johnson, and most recently Brooke Shaden whose storytelling through their images and openness to share techniques have inspired me to continue to tap into that creative side, uncovering it little by little, image by image.

Since I started this post (and after many drafts) and seeing my name included with so many talented photographers & artists, including Brooke Shaden, I have made myself a promise… that this would be the last time I post, discuss, blog, write…whatever you want to call it about my insecurity.  I do what I do… well, because I love it.  And when you do something you love… it shows.  It’s just that not everybody can see it.

mark you calendars!


DON’T GO YET!   Because this post would not be complete without a huge thanks to the innovative mind behind this exhibit, Henry Rowan, his wife Nancy and their dedication to promoting photography in ALL its forms through The Pennsylvania Center for Photography and to Stephanie Lisle and her efforts and Promotion for the Arts in Bucks County.  Thank you so much for all you do for photography and the arts!!!

Until next time,


Is that a painting?

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First, just let me say Happy September 1st!  This means my favoriteHello Fall season is right around the corner… 21 days and counting! Shorter days, dropping leaves (probably from the hot days and overly dry spell), and mums showing up in the garden centers are all signs of FALL!

Back to the question.  Is that a painting?  I was asked this a lot this past weekend when I had my photography on display at a local arts fest.  More times than not, I stumbled over my words whenever I tried to answer the question or an even harder question to answer was “how do you do that?”  Although, I particularly enjoyed when a child asked me “is that a painting?”  Because when I said “no, it is a photograph,” they looked as though I had just performed a magic trick.  However, young or old, they are not easy questions to answer when terms like Photoshop, textures, layers, plug-ins, blend modes, etc… sound like a foreign language.  After a few lame attempts at trying to answer this question, I finally heard myself say “sometimes my photographs just need a little extra something”  and that’s what I do, “I give them a little extra something.” 


I did a post on these gazelles a while back… obviously not an ideal background


That’s more like it. Don’t you think?

As a photographer, there are so many elements out in the field, so to speak, that we have no control over.  Sometimes the background is all wrong for the subject, sometimes all there was to work with was a gray drab sky and a white puffy cloud or even some snow would make all the difference.  Even in a controlled studio, it may take a little extra something in post to make that vision appear (like the pumpkins above).  But there is one thing that remains a constant… in all my images… it is the subject ~ whether it is the pony in the field pony-power-2, the barn that looks like it will topple over with a soft breeze, the little white house with the blue roof, or how the tall grass sways on a warm summer day.   It is always about the subject and the reason I stopped to take the photo in the first place.  So is it a painting, no.  I can’t paint.  Is it my interpretation of a photograph… or 2 or 3 or… photographs.  You bet!

Just a reminder, September also means the deadline to enter the Transformations Exhibit is fast approaching (yikes! note to self, too).  Get all the details HERE.


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