Intro to Photography


So far I am not impressed with my B&W prints especially when I factor in all the time it takes . . . like about 3 extra hours in the dark room one night this week.  Here are three of five prints I made; keep in mind they are photos to meet an assignment.  Can you guess what the assignments are?

Ok, I confess, I did Photoshop these here and there. I just had to and even then there was only so much I could do.  I hand in the originals tomorrow ~ I’m curious to hear what the instructor thinks ~ heck, what do you think?

Roll #3



This has proven to be quite a challenge using film. First, the weather has not been very cooperative this week.  Today, the sun came out and  I went to a local park to get some photos of kids sledding (today’s another snow day), but I felt incredibly limited using the 50 mm lens as required, the snow must have been wet because everyone seemed to be going in slow-motion anyway, and I seem to be running into some technical difficulty trying to blur the motion.  Like I said this roll has been quite a challenge, and I have five more shots left. 

On a brighter note, it looks like class will go on as scheduled tomorrow and I will get to develop some of the negatives I did last week.  I bet you’re as excited as I am to see them 😉

Roll #2


Roll #2 is finished!  It was much easier than finding 36 different things.  On this roll, I had to look at 36 things from a unique/different perspective.  Luckily I was able to take some of the 36 things from the first roll, which I didn’t feel to confident about, and rework it with a new perspective.  So like I said, tomorrow we hit the darkroom. 

I got another hand-me-down from my dad; he upgraded his scanner so I got the old one.  The timing could not be better, I look forward to scanning and sharing my assignments (good, bad, or indifferent).