Hello Fall!

Picture me tearing a page out of a notebook, crumpling it into a little ball, and making the shot into the wastebasket. Because that is what I just did, so to speak, with the post I started before 6:30 this morning… Why? Because it just felt so philosophical and heading real quick in the direction of whiney. This is my puppy day… a scheduled day … Continue reading Hello Fall!

Baby, it’s cold outside

Happy Friday!  Another week of frigid and snowy weather here in the east.  As beautiful as the snow makes things, I just can’t get myself to go outside and bear the elements. So I’ve been taking advantage of the view (and warmth) from inside.     I have a fond appreciation for bird photographers. . . swaying branches, swinging bird houses, and jittery birds make for … Continue reading Baby, it’s cold outside

Chatting with a Cheetah

“can you speak rhinoceros?” I’d say “of courserous! Can’t you?” What a week!  I knew lots of changes would be in store for me as I started a new job.  I guess now that it is Friday, looking back, I could have spent my down time on Tuesday (I started the new job on Wednesday) doing things like stocking the fridge with food, maybe doing … Continue reading Chatting with a Cheetah