It feels so good

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… to be back.  Back to taking photographs, back to creating new works, and back, sitting right here on a Sunday morning, sharing it all with you!  Oh wait, it’s Monday, Labor Day.  Still, I can’t think of a better way to spend this extra day off 🙂

This summer’s road trip was just what was needed to break a persisting photographic slump…  From PA to GA and back again.  First stop, Blacksburg, VA, where, nestled in a little valley was the first of many barns we would see…  Fortunately, this one was in a place where I could actually hit the brakes, turn the car around, and go get the shot.

The main reason for this road trip, my nieces wedding in Ball Ground, GA, a little town not far from Atlanta…  Navigating Atlanta’s mega highways and traffic didn’t leave much time for picture taking; just getting to the venue was a feat, and in the nick of time.  We did return to Ball Ground the next morning, where I found some roadside treasures and we strolled a beautiful botanical garden; and I can’t wait to get to those photos!

Next Asheville, NC.  If you haven’t been, is a must! Artsy, fun, colorful and vibrant…  Oh, side note, did you know Asheville has the most breweries per capita in the U.S.?  Let’s just say you might want to pace yourself…

And did I mention colorful? My tour guide/husband did an amazing job at getting us off the beaten path and finding some of Asheville’s hidden treasures.


And it wouldn’t have been much of a road trip if we didn’t hop on the Blue Ridge Parkway… with all it’s winding roads and breathtaking views.

The final destination on this amazing road trip, Harrisonburg, VA and Harper’s Ferry, W. VA… historic sites and National Parks, natural wonders and some not so natural wonders.



Once home… and over these last few weeks, I haven’t stopped.  More photo destinations and so many ideas, I can’t keep them all straight.  And, oh, it feels so good!


NYC in Springtime


I’m spending today recovering from a day of inspiration overload.   You see, I spent yesterday, the first warm summer-like day of 2018, in NYC.  The day trip, organized by the Doylestown Art league, included The Metropolitan Museum of Art  and the Salmagundi Club, home of the American Watercolor Society’s (AWS) 151st exhibition.   At The Met, the must-sees included the photography of  William Eggleston: Los Alamos and the Public Parks, Private Gardens exhibit.  I’ll leave any “review” of Eggleston’s photos to the “professionals.”  But for me, his approach to photography resonates so close to my own.  The context of the photographs, the retro vibe of the 60’s & 70’s and an amazing use of color using a dye-transfer process combined made it one of the best exhibit’s I’ve seen.  To see some of his images for yourself, check out the museum’s website HERE.   Next was a collection of paintings, sketches, and even a couple photographs celebrating public parks by some of the masters… Monet, Seurat, Renoir, just to name a few.   Add to that the talented artists in the AWS exhibit, and I felt rejuvented… ready  to create!

a little bit of Monet inspired effect added.

And with a little time to spare before heading home, it was time to get outside and enjoy some of this summer-like day.  A friend and I headed to one of NYC’s public parks Washington Square.  With it’s spring flowers and blossoming trees, 









musicians, artists and performers  and visitors from across the globe, it was the perfect way to end the day in NYC.

Psst… I’m working on a post all about camera phone photography.  I believe the best camera is the one you have with you, but so does knowing how to use it to its full potential.   I’ll be sharing some apps and tips.   Just follow my blog and you won’t miss a thing.


Snow Day… 2018

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What would you do with a snow day?  Go back to bed?  Spend the day watching movies?  Organize your photo library?

Friday lights out… game on.

When I got up this a.m., just like a kid, the first thing I did was peak outside {heavy sigh}… it didn’t look so bad.  Maybe the weather folks got it wrong.  Then, I got the text The Office is Closed (woo-hoo!!!).  That lasted all but few seconds because of the realization that apparently the worst is yet to come and thought’s of Friday’s Nor’easter are still fresh.    So for now, I’m taking advantage of the fact that the power is on (and keeping fingers crossed that it stays that way), enjoying a hot cup of coffee, and hanging out here on the blog.

Many of my creative ideas so far this year have been weather-related.  Not surprising though, as it has been a rollercoaster weather-wise and with that it is also now the season of potholes!

Now that’s a pothole! Interstate State Park, at Taylors Falls, MN, “Home of the World’s Deepest Potholes.”

So, how am I going to spend this snow day?  I’ll take care of a few things that require power… like catching up on the laundry.  I’ll definitely being out playing in the snow with the “boys,” possibly keeping up with the shoveling, staying warm and enjoying some creative time working on some photos… and watching the snow fall.

If you’re in the path of this Nor’easter, stay safe & warm.

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The Long Road

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Sometimes the best way back is to take a path you’ve already traveled…
The Pickup

Why is it that the things we love to do most always seem to be affected most?   For many reasons, let’s just call it life…  a change in schedule,  the amount of brain drain learning a new job, or just the obvious fact that it’s been a long cold winter…  I hit quite a rut.   This is when I know it’s time to simplify.

I started with my images, returning to something I know, a process I love… working with textures.  Oh how I’ve missed rummaging through that library… looking for the perfect texture, mixing textures to bring just the right mood, feel, atmosphere to the image.  And with so many programs, techniques, and tutorials out there, it is so easy to get bogged down in the process. . .  {sigh} so many starts and stops over the past few months.  I needed to dial it all back a notch.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve applied a handful of newly learned techniques in today’s image, but this time I knew which ones would get me there quickly and more importantly… when to stop.

Somethings can’t be changed… the number of hours in a day, the day job, the weather.  But I can change how I spend my time.  Like these weekend mornings, here, enjoying a cup of coffee, or two, and sharing what I love to do, only this time… keeping it short & sweet… so I have more time to work on the next image I want to share with you.

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2017 rewind…

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Here it is… the last day of 2017.  Brutally cold outside but perfect for being here, blogging, staying nice and warm.

It was a quiet picture taking year.  Only a couple outings with the DSLR.  I have put it to use on a couple projects that are still in the works that I hope will finally come together in 2018.  Turns out, it was my camera phone that captured most of the year.  You know the saying… “The best camera is the one you have with you.”  So very true.

The most cooperative subjects, of course, are still the boys.  You should know them well by now, but if not it’s these two goofball goldens.



Lots of sky and cloud shots.  I don’t know what it is about clouds, but it never gets boring… from high above or down below.

Of course, the occasional selfie. 

and lots and lots of family photos     and vacation photos.

Almost all of this year’s vacation photos were taken with my camera phone, a Samsung Note 5,  1) because I don’t want to risk taking my DSLR near sand or water, 2) it’s has a ginormous screen, and 3) some fun features… like the panorama.

And with apps like Snapseed (a fave), and some recently added ones like PicFx and Texture PhotoJus, I can now even combine photos

 …and put my love for textures spin on them  

And even though the overall quality is not that of the DLSR, with a little post-processing know-how and creativity,

it’s not hard to get them pretty darn close… even good enough to print. 

How about you… are you dedicated to your DLSR or mirrorless or happy with whatever you have with you?

What’s coming in 2018… I’m not really sure, but I know I’ll always been on the look out for that photo op regardless what gear I’m packing.

Happy Shooting and Happy New Year,