Quick Edit Challenge

I’ve been stuck on those Roman columns and everything that goes with them for a bit too long and needed to shift gears and hopefully break a creative block.

First a little back story to this photo. I photographed my model in the scene. Something I don’t usually do. Not my usual workflow, it’s no wonder I forgot some very important elements. For example, I did not take a shot of the background without the model or any “backup” backgrounds for that matter. I also did not photograph my model on a blank background or move her to other locations to lessen the highlights created by the dappling sun in all the wrong spots. In other words, I gave myself very few post-processing options. And if that was not bad enough, I took this in Connecticut (I live in Pennsylvania); a re-shoot is not exactly an option anytime soon. But no sense dwelling… all lessons learned, right?

Given all the above, this imaged has turned out to be much more of a challenge than the quick edit I was hoping for. The background is just all wrong! Too busy, those highlights, the bushes, etc… tried all my go-to adjustments… curves, exposure, played and replayed with the sliders, tried cloning it out, and covering it up… nothing seemed to be working. Finally, days and edits later (so much for quick), I got it to a point where, although some of the technical issues are still glaring at me, I am really pleased with the overall mood and story, and feel good sharing it.

What would you do with such a busy background?

Those Roman columns are looking a lot better right about now…

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