Rome wasn’t built in a day

… and neither will this composite.Roman Columns

Has it really been over a year!?!  After reading my last post (May 2019!) apparently I’m still having issues managing & finding that ever-elusive thing called time.  But is time really to blame?  Or is it just a question of priorities?   It turns out I really miss what this blog provides… a place to share my art and a place to document my journey.   The latter, I’ve come to realize, plays a key role in keeping me motivated, striving, and creating.  So It’s time to push it back up the priorities list

Curious about the image above?  Let me start by saying it has a long way to go!  Seriously, I know that’s some shoddy masking and blending.  But it is all I have to share at the moment because I keep finding myself faced with ridiculous technical challenges ~ trying to get the image in my head on the screen.  So far I’ve explored things like disintegrating and turning a human into stone (I don’t know what I would do without YouTube).  And, of course, the more I go in search of answers, the more techniques and tools I discover and get distracted by… only to find out once applied to the image, it wasn’t really what I was going for or leads to yet another “what if”… it has been quite a cycle.

Wow, it feels so good to be back and share a piece (even as rough as it is) of the process.  I’ll be back with more, more hits and misses, and with any luck (I say I luck because I have an 8-week old puppy ~ and, yes, I can promise you a puppy post posts ~ and that whole priorities thing), the finished piece by October 1, which is the deadline for the Call for Art for the next TRANSFORMATIONS exhibit.  So…

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