Chatting with a Cheetah

“can you speak rhinoceros?”
I’d say “of courserous! Can’t you?”

What a week!  I knew lots of changes would be in store for me as I started a new job.  I guess now that it is Friday, looking back, I could have spent my down time on Tuesday (I started the new job on Wednesday) doing things like stocking the fridge with food, maybe doing a load of laundry or two, or vacuuming up some dog hair.    Well I am so, no make that Super-duper glad I put all those chores and responsibilities aside and spent the day at the ZOO!   My hubby, daughter, and I were like three little kids ooing and ahhing at the animals, enjoying a-couldn’t-be-more-perfect day at the oldest Zoo in the U.S.  Yes, Tuesday was the perfect reboot!


If I could talk to the animals, just imagine it,
Chattin’ with a chimp in chimpanzee, Imagine talking to a tiger,
chatting with a cheetah,
What a neat achievement it would be!

There is definitely going to have to be a Part II to this post.  As I look through the photos I took (all 529 :-0 ), I feel so thankful . . . like I said, there is sure to be a Part II.

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